January 2007

Chefs as Culinary Artists and now as Gastronomical Scientists!


* Notes: — Molecular gastronomy is the application of science to culinary practice and more generally gastronomical phenomena. — whereas, Food science is a discipline concerned with all technical aspects of food, beginning with harvesting or slaughtering, and ending with its cooking and consumption. It is considered one of the agricultural sciences, and is usually considered distinct from the field of nutrition. — (definitions from

equipping commercial airplanes with anti-missile systems(sounds costly) …,


Piratebay, the Swedish torrent site is planning to buy Sealand, to make a nation free off copyright laws, and Piratebay is trying to amass funds and anybody willing to contribute a donation to buy Sealand will become honorary citizens and some sources have even mentioned to have nobiliary titles. The target price is £500 million. (lol thats a helluva lot of money they should just consider buying other private islands and going autonomous, than buying this old platform, that attarcts so much legal issues already, besides for such a small space err country how many citizens can actually stay there?!)

Piratebay has already erected a website at BuySealand.com to accept donations via paypal, with a forum to discuss how the country would then function.

— * The Principality of Sealand is categorized as a micronation, complete with national stamps, currency, a national anthem, flag and passport. Though its little more than a platform in the North Sea, a man made structure similar to an oil rig, built by the British in World War II as an anti-aircraft base to repel German bombers. The derelict platform was taken over 40 years ago by retired army major Paddy Roy Bates who went to live there with his family and since then declared it an independent principality and self proclaiming himself as Prince of Sealand. * —

For more information regarding the Principality of Sealand, look into the official websites of Sealand at Principality-of-Sealand.eu and Sealandgov.org

article regarding piratebay wanting to buy sealand at this Link…

The XO a Linux laptop, is the project of the Non-Profit group that envisioned to develop a low cost laptop and deliver the laptop for free to poor kids around the world, suddenly seems to turn a tad bit capitalistic and is considering the possibility of selling the 100$ machines to the General Public.

One plan being considered is to sell the laptops to constumers would be to purchase 2 of the laptops at the same time and have the extra laptop proceed to the developing world.

OLPC plans to deliver 5 million laptops to developing nations including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan, and Thailand.

The Proposed Features and Specs for the low cost laptops listed on the OLPC website is as follows:

* Processor — AMD Geode GX2-500@1.0W clocked at 366MHz
* Memory — 128MB of DRAM
* Storage — no hard drive; instead, the unit will have 512MB of internal nonvolatile “flash memory,” used for programs and data storage
* Display — 7.5-inch “dual-mode” 1200 x 900 pixel display
– Mono display: High-resolution, reflective monochrome mode
– Color display: Standard-resolution, quincunx-sampled, transmissive color mode
* Expansion — three USB 2.0 ports
* Wireless networking — built-in 802.11b/g WiFi
* Power supply — built-in rechargeable battery back with wind-up charger

* System software:
– OS — a version of Fedora Core Linux is available for testing, but Fedora is not necessarily the shipped OS.

– Boot environment — LinuxBIOS
– User interface — Sugar, “a custom built interface designed for the kids”

— *Note: The Sugar GUI, is written in “Python”. * —

(a Demo of the OLPC UI is available at YouTube.)


Rich? wanna be the king of a country? You can own your own! Purchase the smallest country of Sealand, complete with its own stamps, currency, national flag and even passports.

New Swedish studies claim consuming full fat dairy products keeps people slimmer than comparable low fat foods…


BlueRay vs HD DVD, adult entertainment(porn) favors HD DVD…, couple that with Sony not allowing any porn/XXX rated movies to be released on BlueRay. Thats losing bigtime on the porn movie market, since the adult entertainment is big big business and despite what conservatives or whomever goes against the adult entertainment movies, that kind of business is very profitable and here to stay.


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