RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification – Its a way of Identifying objects, animals and people with Radio Waves that transmit data to an RFID receiver. (Thee alternative to bar coding), not really such a new find its been around abit of awhile already(uhmm like a few decades).

Well over the years as technology progresses, the RFID tech has made advances to being near microscopic, from tags and cards to something more miniscule. An example would be Hitachi’s “Powder-Sized RFID Chips” , yeah thats right Powder Sized!

The potential market for this looks pretty lucrative, and the uses varied, all thanks to modern science. (…, and perhaps a no thank you as well…)

Well its been implemented with pets like cats and dogs to track them but its also being tried out in Credit Cards, anti-theft tech, etc-etc biometrics etc-etc, and even tracking migrating birds that have the bird flu, this technology will come in handy. But like its positive potentials its open well for abuse. Such as in anti-theft it can be abused to be used for personal ID theft.

Here’s where we get into the topic of the “Mark of the Beast!” or implants.

Well I’ve seen it on TV using RFID chips with dogs, cats and maybe well other pets. But how about the (IMO crazy)idea to have the micro-RFID chips implanted in humans? The problem is I can think well more of the abuses some people can do with this technology especially regarding implants, than it can be used for the good…, thinking about it. And besides how secure can these RFID chips be?! What about tracking devices on people with these miniscule or powder sized chips? Wheres the privacy in that???!

For more information with RFID tech have a look at the RFID Journal .